5 Reasons to Choose EnerLogic over Double-glazed Windows.

When you look through your window, what do you see? Do you see the busy street outside, perhaps the park across the road or the many friendly passers-by? Or do you just see an incredibly inefficient pane of glass that keeps your teeth chattering in the winter and the inside of your house sweltering in the summer? If the latter is true for you, then it’s about time you did something about it.

When faced with the task of changing or upgrading their windows most people would immediately think of double-glazed windows, and for good reason. Double-glazed windows are very good insulators. Tendances de la mode They have been around for decades and nowadays, they offer homebuilders plenty of design options.

But now there’s an even better alternative to double-glazing that performs like a double-glazed window but looks just like your regular low-E film. It’s our very own Enerlogic high performance window film.

The Enerlogic Advantage

You may be raising your eyebrows now, probably thinking how a window film could ever be better than good old double-glazing. Vêtements de mode Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Mujer Barata Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Barata But there are five good reasons why Enerlogic is the better choice:

  1. Cost – Double-glazed windows can cost up to $25,000, but Enerlogic window films only cost a fraction of that. Bikini Calvin Klein And when a double-glazed window is damaged or if condensation occurs between the glass panes, the entire window has to be replaced and this would cost even more.
  2. Time – It takes time to install double-glazed windows. Calvin Klein Bragas People have to carry it in, fit it and make sure it’s securely in place. This consumes a lot of precious time and can disrupt regular activities at home or business operations at work. Comprar Boxer Calvin Klein With Enerlogic window films it just takes a minute or two to attach the film on to the window pane.
  3. Convenience – Installing double-glazed windows requires labour and materials. Even if you opt not to replace entire windows with double-glazed ones and fit an extra glazed window to the existing one instead, it would still require some work. Calvin Klein Bañadores Hombre With Enerlogic window films installation is a breeze. They’re installed the same way most low-E window films are installed but they deliver a much higher insulation level of 92%. Enerlogic window films can be applied to single-glazed windows without the hassle of adding another pane of glass, or to double-glazed windows for added energy efficiency and the insulating effect of a triple-glazed window.
  4. Efficiency – Double-glazed windows can certainly keep your home insulated during the winter, but in the hot summer months, they do very little to keep the heat out. Slip Calvin Klein Outlet Enerlogic window films work all year long, keeping heat in during winter and keeping it out during the summer. Slip Calvin Klein Baratos It has a solar heat rejection level of up to 76%, ultra-violet rejection level of up to 99% and glare reduction level of up to 63%, but it still allows sunlight to pass through.
  5. Environmental impact – Though double-glazing can make your home energy efficient, the amount of energy and resources used and greenhouse gases produced in order to manufacture them is so much more than those used in producing Enerlogic film. Calvin Klein Ropa Interior Hombre The disposal of old glazed windows also has a very negative impact on the environment.

When it comes to saving energy and resources, and keeping your home and office as comfortable as possible, Enerlogic definitely beats double-glazing.